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Guest speaker

Delivering thought
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Our Founder and CEO is also an experienced speaker at a range of
cross-sector events

Her passion and energy around the following topics shines through:

  • People Strategy
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Culture & behavioural change
  • Female leadership & development
  • Wellbeing
  • The value of mediation

Using her background and experience she is able to support a wide range of topics and enjoys tailoring the content and approach to the specific event.

We also have access to other speakers through our Associate model, on a wide range of People related topics; If you provide us with the details of your event then we can help you source a speaker.


Acaria Annette
Acaria Annette

Key note topics : Due to my background and experience I can speak to most requests on topics associated with People, Leadership, Culture and Change, Inclusion & Diversity.

Recent topics have included the following :

  • Inclusive leadership
  • The value of wellbeing
  • Creating an inclusive culture
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leading through change
  • The value of storytelling
  • Integrating culture into business strategy
  • Creating an engaging People Strategy
  • Creating moments that matter.


I also share my story as:


  • A senior female leader
  • A working parent & carer
  • A female leader in a male dominated environment
  • A senior HR professional & business leader

I speak to:


  • Senior leaders
  • HR professionals
  • Business leaders
  • Groups of employees
  • Conference attendees

I do this:


  • In person
  • Virtual 



I have also:

  • Facilitated events
  • Participated in and hosted webinars and podcasts
  • Led workshops
  • Hosted award events

I am very used to working with:

  • Small to large groups
  • Conferences and business events

Happy to speak:

  • With supporting presentation materials that I can develop
  • Or without notes or a presentation


My associate speakers can also support a number of people and culture related topics, with deep experience in their own field.

Acaria Annette

She has recently spoken at events for:


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