Moments that Matter

Every organisation, whether they realise it or not, has key ‘Moments that Matter’ for their people. Knowing what these are is critical to attracting, retaining, and engaging your people; these can be built on and measured as part of your approach to Employee Engagement.

What these ‘Moments’ are may vary in the detail, but the principles are the same-  they are the critical touch points between people and a Company; and are relevant in every role and at every level in an organisation.

If identified and supported by individuals, managers and leaders –  knowing these moment results in improved individual and business performance, reduced operating costs and an enhanced reputation.

But to tap into them, and to maximize it as an opportunity,  you need to tap into your own experiences; and be able to recognize the impact that they may have had for you – personally and professionally.  We will all have had good days and bad at work; we all will have had some experiences that have been pivotal in our decision making on whether we want to stay or leave a certain team or employer, continue working with a particular leader or in a particular location etc.

But why is it so important for us to know what these are now, and the difference that they already are or can be making to your people ?  What’s changed to make knowing this even more important ?

We live in challenging times, with unprecedented levels of change and uncertainty; during these times people are looking for stability, reinforcement and support where they can get it.

During times like this, we all need a sense of purpose;  Viktor Frankl, in his gripping book based on his own life story ‘Man’s search for meaning’ , shares his key message that our ‘deepest desire is to find meaning in his or her life, and if he or she can find that meaning, he or she can survive anything’.  For many of us our work, family and friends provide us with a sense of purpose and give us that meaning.

So it is now even more important, and a potential opportunity, for businesses to provide a very clear purpose for their employees and to provide additional support that may assist them with other aspects of their life.  Increasingly that sense of purpose is not just linked to the product or service provided, but also to the environment we live in, the communities we support and the social connections that we have etc.

Knowing what ‘The Moments that Matter’ are for your business can help enhance the sense of purpose and support, as well as support recruitment, retention and engagement, resulting in an overall reduction in costs and enhanced business performance.

This information can then be used to support multiple initiatives within your business, and ensure that you are reinforcing what is valued and bridging any gaps that are identified; for example it can inform :

  • Recruitment campaigns
  • Onboarding
  • Leadership development
  • Learning and Development programmes
  • Employee benefits and policies

But to name a few…

Do you know what the ‘Moments that Matter’ are for you, your team and your business?

You can gather this information in interactive and inclusive employee workshops, either virtually or in person; engaging everyone and then sharing this information with all, including with your Managers and Leaders to enhance their awareness of what is important to start doing, or keep doing, as part of their role.

Interested in knowing more?

Annette Andrews