For Individuals & Organisations


Coaching is a process that helps an individual work through the answers to the question or issue at hand. The role of the coach is not to provide the answers, but to help the individual to think the topic through, identify the options and then work these through; prior to identifying for themselves the way forward and the actions required. It can help enhance confidence, provide development and gives a safe place to think the topic through to conclusion.

As an experienced Coaches, We are passionate about supporting individuals and organisations achieve their full potential. We have seen, and personally experienced, the positive impact that coaching can have for individuals, teams and businesses.

We have worked with individuals and teams at all levels, in different specialisms and on a cross sector basis.


We will work closely with you (as the coachee) on a confidential basis, to look at how coaching can support you both personally and professionally.

It may be that you are moving into a new role, returning to work, changing career and / or needing to think through specific challenges or issues. We will work together, building a relationship based on trust, to proactively identify next steps and actions that work for you.

We all have strengths and development areas. We will explore yours, consider new perspectives and the options open to you; so that you can optimise your strengths and move forward with additional confidence and energy.

We will support you along the way, be available as required and be flexible in approach; adapting to your specific coaching needs and the environment that you are in.

By the end of our coaching relationship you will be able to see the proactive steps that you have identified, as well as the progress you have personally made; with a clear action plan that will support your ongoing development.


Life Coaching

So what is Life Coaching?

The pandemic has resulted in many of us rethinking what is important and how we want to live our lives going forward. We all have a greater sense of living our lives to the full whilst we can; are much clearer on who we want to spend time with, want to stay connected to family & friends, and are no longer prepared to work the way we were. 

Life coaching can help you work through all this to create an individual plan. A qualified coach supports you with identifying your personal and/or professional goals. Whilst these can vary hugely, it’s all about helping you achieve your full potential in life, getting the balance you want and ensuring you focus on what you really want to achieve.

Interestingly coaching isn’t just for individuals, it can also include working with couples, families and business partners; where individual’s firstly think through what’s important to them; then people come together to work through their individual plans to create a shared life plan. 

Some of our coaches are also qualified mediator, so the coaching can also include mediation if needed when there are differences in opinion, and to help agree priorities. 

Life Coaching is not counselling or therapy.  It helps you look in detail at your current situation, what you would like to change and helps you create a specific plan to achieve this. It focuses on analysing your current situation, what challenges and obstacles there may be, and how to move forward with these.  Through a managed process, that is fun and insightful, it explores where you are now in your thinking, what your vision is, and creates a focused plan.  It stimulates your thinking, provides challenges, helps you identify new opportunities and gives clarity to your planning.  

It also explores what is holding you back and  if this is due to you and your current approach, perhaps due to a lack of confidence or you not recognising the changes that you have the power to make. The coaching sessions can also be used to keep you accountable for the commitments that you have made as part of the planning process; to ensure that you remain on track and focused on achieving your goals. 

Life Coaching is recommended for those that :

  • Know that something needs to change in their life, but they are not sure quite what or how to achieve it. 
  • Want clear goals and objectives; personally and professionally
  • Have a clear goal that they want to achieve, but need support staying committed and on track. 

Ironically it is usually our own self-limiting beliefs that hold us back; we just need some coaching to help nudge us along the path to achieve greater self-fulfilment. 

The best athletes and teams in the world have coaches to help them maximise their potential;  their coaching focuses on the whole person, recognising that you can’t just focus on one aspect of your life as they all influence each other. 

Effective Life Coaching supports people take their life to the next level – whatever that might be is a personal journey and that’s half the fun, discovering what that journey is going to be and literally watching it come to together… 


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