Coaching for individuals & organisations

What is coaching?

Coaching is a process that helps an individual work through the answers to the question or issue at hand. The role of the coach is not to provide the answers, but to help the individual to think the topic through, identify the options and then work these through; prior to identifying for themselves the way forward and the actions required. It can help enhance confidence, provide development and gives a safe place to think the topic through to conclusion.

As an experienced Coaches, We are passionate about supporting individuals and organisations achieve their full potential. We have seen, and personally experienced, the positive impact that coaching can have for individuals, teams and businesses.

We have worked with individuals and teams at all levels, in different specialisms and on a cross sector basis.

Individual Coaching

We will work closely with you (as the coachee) on a confidential basis, to look at how coaching can support you both personally and professionally.

It may be that you are moving into a new role, returning to work, changing your career and/or needing to think through specific challenges or issues. We will work together, building a relationship based on trust, to proactively identify the next steps and actions that work for you.

We all have strengths and development areas. We will explore yours, and consider new perspectives and the options open to you; so that you can optimise your strengths and move forward with additional confidence and energy.

We will support you along the way, be available as required and be flexible in approach; adapting to your specific coaching needs and the environment that you are in.

By the end of our coaching relationship you will be able to see the proactive steps that you have identified, as well as the progress you have personally made; with a clear action plan that will support your ongoing development.

Organisation Coaching

Our coaches have a wide variety of backgrounds and experience; you have the opportunity to choose who you would like to work with and meet them prior to committing to work with them. 

Our coaches have worked as an advisors to CEOs, Boards and senior leaders in global organisations; we enjoy coaching individuals and teams at all levels of seniority and experience. 

We also have personal experience of leading and working with teams at country, divisional and global level during periods of Transformation and Change; coaching is integral to our personal ethos and approach.

For additional information on how we may be able to support you and / or your organisation please send us your contact details.

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